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Extra activities

As well as providing all the activities you would expect from a top-quality nursery, we also offer extra curriculum activities. We believe these activities are simply part of our quality brand, and should be enjoyed by all children - therefore these programmes are provided at no extra cost.

Music and movement - Coming Soon

Age group: All ages

Music and movement offers a fun and interactive physical workout for babies and toddlers incorporating music, toys, dance and exercise.


Age group: All ages

Working from the traditional yoga sequences – warm-up exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation and calming exercises, yoga for children takes the process one step further by adapting the language, props, songs and length of the session to the age of the children involved – children respond to child friendly props like puppets and songs written for younger ears.

French - Sophie Goore (French National Teacher)

Age group: 2- 5 years olds

The French programme provided by Sophie, a native speaker of French, is designed to enhance the children's abilities to learn and challenge them to develop their language skills at the highest level possible.

French is taught through songs, rhymes, stories, games, puppets and activities, all of which are great fun. Although the lessons are fun for the children, they are also structured to follow a proven method of learning and carefully planned to incorporate subjects and themes the children are currently learning at nursery.