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NDNA Nursery Awards 2017

July/August 2017

Thank you to all our parents who voted for us in the category of The Parent’s Choice NDNA Nursery of the Year 2017 (South), we were awarded with third place!

It is a great achievement for us and we are happy to have been awarded with this for 2 years in a row.

We will try even harder to improve for our families so that we have the chance of winning first place!


Summer Fête

July/August 2017

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We had a lovely Summer Fête this year with all our children and parents.

With all the fun activities, we had going on throughout the nursery, together we were able to raise nearly £500 for our charity The Evelina Children’s Hospital.

We had lots of support from local sponsors and everyone’s generosity was very much appreciated.


Enjoying Friendly Visitors

June/July 2017

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We always like to do something different and exciting for the children and when it was Pet Month, our staff members brought in some very unusual pets for children to meet.

They met a tortoise, chickens, a hedgehog and a bearded dragon! They learnt all about how to care for pets responsibly and that they must use gentle fingers when handling animals. We even had a visit from some Birds of Prey which the children really enjoyed.


Our Sensory Room

June/July 2017

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A sensory room provides lots of benefits for all the children in the nursery such as encouraging children to engage and explore the environment around them.

The children are really enjoying going into the sensory room and spending some relaxing time in their whilst they use all their senses.

The lighted bubble tubes seem to be a favourite for them!


Farnham Carnival

June 2017

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The theme of this year's Carnival was 'A Day at the Seaside' so we went along as Lifeguards!

The children from the nursery that came along with us dressed up in their best summer clothes with any extra fun items like armbands and buckets and spades! We were awarded Gold by the judges and they said we really gave the Farnham Carnival and excellent Carnival procession!

We are already looking forward to next year’s Carnival!


Incredible Eggs

April/May 2017

The children in pre-school looked after some chicken eggs in an incubator and waited patiently for them to hatch.

They listened very carefully and some could even hear the chicks chirping inside of the eggs! All of the eggs hatched within a few hours of each other so the children were all very excited to see all of the baby chicks emerge from their shells.


Easter Fun Morning

April 2017

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We invited all our parents to join us for an Easter celebration morning where we made Easter bonnets, Easter nests and even had an Easter egg hunt in the garden!

Westchester Bear even made a visit to help the children find all the eggs in the garden.

It was a fun filled morning for everyone!


Science Week

March/April 2017

The children really enjoy learning new things and experimenting with science so we did a whole week of interesting activities for the children which including creating rainbows with hot water and skittles and making rockets.

To do this, the children headed out to the garden and put some Mentos into a bottle of coca cola which exploded just like a rocket!


Mother's Day

March 2017

We always love celebrating special days at nursery and Mother's Day was no different so we invited all of our Mummies to join us for a delicious breakfast.

We had croissants, muffins and crumpets as well as some homemade marmalade that the pre-schoolers had made especially for the occasion. We hope all of our Mum's loved their beautifully crafted cards from the children.


Red Nose Day

March 2017

In March we had lots of fun doing different activities throughout the nursery all in aid of raising money for Red Nose Day 2017.

There was cake baking, biscuit making and lots of dressing up in different red clothes. We managed to raise nearly £100 on the day which is an amazing achievement, thank you so much to all of our parents for their generosity!


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