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Each of our nurseries is led by a highly experienced manager and a team of skilled and dedicated childcare professionals. Despite the OFSTED regulatory requirement for 50% of all staff being level 2, we aim for 75% to hold level 3 or higher.

High calibre staff are the essential element in quality childcare. As a company we take pride in the people we employ, both for their experience and for their total dedication to working with young children.

Do you have the passion for working with children? Our commitment to childcare quality goes hand in hand with continuous staff training, either internally - through our own accredited training body - or from external sources. Permanent areas of on-going education include child development, health and safety and first aid - all of which maintain our high standards.

As a forward thinking employer, we also give staff an innovative employment package that fully recognises their value. We know it is important to parents and children alike that they see familiar faces at our nurseries and we hope that by recognising the vital role staff play in our success, they stay with us long term.

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