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Our Childcare

Given what we have said about our staff, we feel the childcare offered at Westchester House is the finest available.

However, results from our market research have shown the additional stress to parents when they are required to return to work when their baby is still very young. To help counter these feelings we have developed a unique facility for the six youngest babies using the nursery - our Special Baby Unit.

In this unit the usual staffing ratio is reduced to one nursery nurse for just two babies rather than three and the unit is only staffed by those holding an NVQ3 qualification or above. In addition, the room is equipped with special sound sensors and a one-way visual panel directly into the Manager's office.

At around their first birthday, children are cared for in welcoming activity rooms on a 1:3 ratio by staff who understand the developmental needs of such young children and recognise the many developmental milestones that are likely to be achieved. As children's personalities develop and they become distinct individuals, staff ensure that each child's preferences, likes and dislikes are taken into account, with a strong focus on the multi-sensory experiences so important for this age range.

As toddlers develop into busy two-year-olds, their curiosity and interest is supported by staff who understand the need to interpret such young children's mix of verbal and non-verbal communication to determine their wants and needs. Clear routines which support children's growing independence in areas such as feeding and personal care encourage confidence and their sense of enquiry is fed by the many, varied and interesting opportunities offered daily.

By the time children reach pre-school, their inquisitive nature means they are interested and motivated learners. The holistic approach implemented to support the learning of each child ensures that this enthusiasm is not lost. Children benefit from practical, first-hand activities which support their progress and attainment in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They benefit from and enjoy their nursery experience and are well-prepared as 'life-long learners' as they move on to school.